Dear Friend,

2000+ years after the above words of our Lord Jesus Christ were spoken, they still continue to ring true today. With our cities spilling over with large populations, coupled with the advent of an age of unprecedented innovations, the need to seize the moment and get the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to a desperate world has not been more pressing.

As the challenges of our time grows so also should our strategic responses by the application of biblical principles and the communication of His love through acts of kindness. For over 20 years, we have teamed up in marriage to reach out with a hand of compassion to a needy and dying world and to present the message of salvation and healing to as many people as possible.

God is stirring our hearts to multiply our efforts around the world and we are therefore reaching out to you for your partnership in obedience to the mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Yours for the harvest,

Partner With Us


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